Since their first appearance in the 14th century, guns and firearms have been a disruptive force. They constituted a revolution, when used as weapons on military campaigns, but also created a budding industry for both manufacturers and private civilians. Over the years, guns and firearms have changed significantly in both capability, form and function. They now vary from small pistols to machine guns, or even anti-aircraft guns. Guns and firearms are revered for both their historical significance and the mass production that allowed them to widely spread all over the world.

Guns are powerful weapons that have been involved in many wars throughout history. Although it has some destructive capability, guns can also be used for other things. For instance a gun might have been invented to hunt but nowadays it is sometimes better to use a gun to defend oneself by shooting at an attacker or even to scare the attacker off. Today there are many types of guns and firearms that are used for different purposes.

What are guns and firearms? 

The term gun usually refers to a weapon that shoots one or more projectiles, often including bullets. Small arms are weapons used by individuals, often handheld, and include handguns, rifles and machine guns. Larger heavy weapons such as artillery, tank guns and larger siege guns are generally classed as artillery pieces. Guns are used in warfare, hunting and shooting sports.

Firearms are weapons made or adapted to use or employ gunpowder or other explosive materials. From early hand cannons and muskets to modern assault rifles, machine guns, and cannons, firearms have been a primary mode of warfare and hunting since their invention in the 13th century. In the 18th century, flintlock firearms replaced the matchlock and wheellock systems; in the 19th century, percussion cap systems replaced flintlocks, but were later superseded by cartridge systems in the mid-1850s.

Why is it popular today?

Guns and Firearms are weapons which can be used to harm or kill. They are categorized by the kind of damage they do or the kind of firearms that are used to fire them. The name comes from the fact that both guns and firearms can be used for firearms. There are many different types of guns and firearms, from big and powerful to small and compact. Their use dates back over 4,000 years when they were first used in hunting and as weapons in war. They have played a huge part in history, especially in American history. That is why they are so popular today as a way to protect your home, hunt for food, or enjoy target practice.

What makes it unique?

Guns are portable, manually-operated weapons designed to fire bullets. They have been around for centuries and have been used in everything from hunting big game to defending one’s country in war. Firearms are a modern version of the gun, but are not the same as the guns used hundreds of years ago because they utilize gunpowder or another explosive substance rather than a black powder (which is now known as gunpowder) that required manual ignition by a fuse. Used for purposes such as hunting, self defense, or target shooting. This is a diverse product line and people who own them have different reasons for doing so.

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