If you didn’t know, epoxy flooring is really popular and becoming ever ore so mainly because of its durability, stunning looks, versatility in terms of color and finish, what more could you want from a floor? There was once a time when a floor was, well, a floor. Something to be walked upon and as long it was flat it was ‘ok’, not anymore, demands have changed and as such so have the products.

Why is epoxy so special?

There are a number of reasons that Epoxy is so popular, especially in warehouses and garages, often people want a really good job done, but with as little downtime as possible, epoxy flooring offers just that, assuming it is applied by someone who knows their stuff. It’s no good getting a carpet fitter to do the job. If done properly the job shouldn’t take too long and could last a lifetime. Some examples of finished work can be found online, just search for epoxy installers in Adelaide, some of the finished products are superb and there are customer reviews which always help.

What to go for?

Now you have some options with your flooring, well, maybe not some, more like almost endless when it comes to finish and design so you want to have a rough idea before you jump in or it could be a bit overwhelming. If you want the installers to install the flooring in your business, then you could get designs incorporated as part of your package, things like logos for example. You would also consider who will be in the workspace and what kind of impression you want to give, not everyone thinks a glittery effect gives off an air of professionalism where as others might think it’s really cool.

If you want the flooring installed at your home then this is where the real fun comes in, imagine being able to design or choose bespoke colors and finishes that provide a finish that matches your personality or perhaps means something to you. Whichever space you want the floor installed in will be transformed, giving a whole new lease of life.


As popularity grows, so does the number of installers so it’s really a matter of going with a firm who have done this type of work for a long time, have good feedback, care about what you want to achieve in terms of the finished product. You will want to get a fair price, but don’t be too drawn in by ‘cheap’ prices, with most things, you get what you pay for.

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