It is most definitely a milestone in a person’s life when they take possession of their very first property and with home ownership comes a lot of responsibilities. This will possible be the biggest single investment you will ever make and it makes perfect sense to maintain the property as and when required and with that in mind, here are a few areas of building maintenance to consider.

  • The Roof – Of course, the roof protects the structure from the harsh elements and in order to check that all is well, an annual roof inspection is advised. This would reveal any missing roof tiles and at the same time, the roofer would clean out the guttering and downpipes, which provide an essential escape route for excess rainwater. Any issues can be quickly dealt with before they turn into major problems and this kind of preventative maintenance keeps repairs to a minimum.
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance – If you are lucky enough to have an in-ground pool at home, it needs to be cleaned and maintained and let’s not forget pool safety. A swimming pool compliance certificate is valid for 3 years and prior to the expiration date, search online for pool inspections in Blacktown and they will send a pool inspector to check that everything complies.
  • Drains – If you have yet to experience a blocked drain, you might not see the point in having your drains power-cleaned annually and should the worst happen, resist the temptation to fix it yourself, as this usually makes things worse for the professional drain un-blocker. A power wash cleans the interior pipe surfaces, promoting a smooth flow and while the technician is there. Why not ask him to send down a CCTV buggy? This enables you to see the condition on your drainage system and should repairs be needed, the specialist has all the solutions.
  • Building Protection – Regardless of the material used to build your home, it will require some form of protection, which typically comes in a spray-on application. Timber should be treated and for a concrete house, rendering is ideal, as this allows you to be creative with colour choice and with great insulation properties, you can save on your energy costs.
  • Tree Care – Large trees can present a danger and asking a local arborist to prune seasonally is a great idea and if you have any old tree stumps, the specialist has a stump grinder that can reduce it to sawdust and you can reclaim the land.

Always carry out prompt repairs; the longer you wait, the more damage will occur and by having regular inspections, you will reveal any minor issues.

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