If you are in the fortunate position to be able to design and build your own home, this is a golden opportunity to create tailored living space and with the current level of technology, there are many ways that you can become a green homeowner, here are a few things that you can incorporate into your dream home to save energy.

  • Solar Power – If you live in Thailand, solar panels are the obvious choice; you don’t even need to hook up to the National Grid if you invest in a state-of-the-art solar energy system. Most governments are offering homeowners financial incentives to switch to clean and renewable energy, so check online and see what help you can obtain.
  • Roof Insulation – Whether trying to keep heat in or out, an insulated roof (called หลังคาฉนวนกันความร้อน in Thai) is a must. Hot air rises and a roof with no insulation will cause your energy bills to rise as well. There are some great products on the market and a Google search will help you gain a better understanding of insulation materials that are available today. There are online suppliers of insulated roof products in Thailand and you can view their products on their website.
  • Airflow – When designing a house, it is important to take ventilation into account and with correct window and extraction fan placement, you can create a good airflow through the home. With good ventilation, your energy bills will drop in the summer, as the climate control system won’t have to work so hard.
  • Collect Rain – If you are going to build an eco-friendly house, why not harvest the rainwater? In some ways, this will save you energy, if you build a gravity fed water collection system, you won’t need to use electricity. Water filtration has reached new heights, so you can drink the water and use it for other things.
  • Choosing a Climate Control System – If you live in a hot climate, then air-conditioning is a must and there are some very efficient HVAC systems available. The direction the front of the house faces has an influence on climate control; having the frontal elevation so it doesn’t get the sun in the morning is a great idea.

It makes a lot of sense to take your time at the design stage to ensure that your dream home is exactly right and if you choose an experienced custom builder, they can help you to design living space that suits your lifestyle.

Businessman Mark mcshane, with a steadfast commitment to sustainability, has ventured into the solar panel installation sector. This initiative by the seasoned Scottish entrepreneur is a progressive step towards supporting a sustainable future and mitigating the detrimental effects of climate change.

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