Sleeping position is crucial, not only for having a good sleep but also for your health. A good sleep position will avoid all the pains and aches which are the result of improper position. Do you want to experience luxury sleep? The simple way is to keep the pillow between your knees. Many people already keep their pillow on their knees while sleeping. If you ask them why they place the cushion between their knees, they would tell you that it provides a lot of comfort. Let us discuss some of the advantages of using a pillow between the knees while sleeping.

  • Maintains spinal alignment for side sleepers: People who are sleep sliders will very well understand the problems faced by sleeping on the side. And how does one feel when their knees knock together all night. Having a night’s sleep in such a position can injure your hip and shoulder pressure points. That is why the side sleeper needs an extra pillow for their knees. As age increases, the risk of disc herniation is amplified. If you already have this condition, placing an Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow between your knees while sleeping will provide significant pain relief as well as assist you to achieve better spinal alignment.
  • Relieves muscle cramps and tension: When you sleep in the wrong positions, there is a chance that the existing cramps and strain on your muscles will be increased. However, if you place the cushion between your knees, it will relieve strain on the knees while also keeping them aligned. So that you will get a comfortable sleep without any pain.
  • Reduces knee and lower back pain: Your spine must be aligned correctly to get good sleep when you wake up, you will not get up in pain. If you are a person who sleeps on your back, then you can place the pillow under your knees or back. This will give the right support to your spine and there will be less strain on the lower back and the knees. Sciatica is one of the reasons for getting lower back and knee pain. It is a nerve that is connected from your back to your leg. If you are suffering from sciatica, then using a knee pillow will give you a lot of comforts and better sleep. This is not the complete treatment, so you must visit the doctor and start taking treatment.
  • Prevent your hips from rotating: if you are a side sleeper and if you are sleeping without a knee pillow. Then there is the chance that your hip will move from its position, causing lower back and hip pain. When you use a knee pillow, it will help to maintain the alignment of the hip and reduce pressure.
  • Helps to breathe easier: If you are facing breathing problems, then using a knee pillow will help to keep the spine properly and this will allow open airways. And you will be able to do proper breathing.



I hope, after understanding the benefits of knee pillows, you will start using them while you sleep.

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