A green space around our home serves as an oasis of relaxation. It provides a soft landing for kids whilst they play, a place to relax and have a picnic and a cushion for our bare foot. Maintaining healthy lawn does require a fair amount of work. You’ll have to educate yourself on how to take care of your lawn and tend to it on a regular basis to retain its aesthetics.

Maintaining a healthy lawn:

The three factors that contribute to healthy lawn are soil, water and sunlight. The lawn surface could get bumpy over time or you may need to amend the soil which calls for topdressing. Cover the bear spots using over seeding. Getting professionals is an easy way to sort your lawn problems but it is quite expensive since lawns require routine maintenance.

Another great alternative is purchasing lawn equipment from reputable manufacturers which makes your job easier. Visit www.ecolawnapplicator.com for the best top dressers and broadcast spreaders. They are the top choice among home owners since their products are easy to use and help get the job effectively done in few minutes.

Common lawn problems:


Sandy soil doesn’t hold sufficient water and clay absorbs too much water, which in turn affects the lawn growth. Loamy soil is the ideal fit. It is possible to repair your lawn soil by turning to a soil supplement, top dressing or starting over from scratch.


Watering problems arises due to soil texture or watering system. If the sand is retaining way too much water, a temporary fix is to install a layer of rock or a French drain. A permanent solution is to repair the soil structure.


Lack of quantity and quality sunlight would hinder uniform lawn growth. The roots of the lawn could also be weaker when exposed to less sunlight. There are hybrid varieties of grass that flourish well in any atmosphere or you could opt for overseeding.

Ways to keep our lawn healthy:

  • Aeration: This involves puncturing the lawn soil with small holes to aid vital elements like sand and water to enter the roots.
  • Top dressing: It is the application of a layer of soil mix (like compost, sand, river slit, manure) to smoothen the lawn’s surface.
  • Over seeding: Overseed your lawn if you don’t find it to be lush anymore. If you want to see quick results, overseed during the growing season of the seed you are using.

With quality lawn equipment at your disposable, taking care of your lawn is easy. Investing in lawn equipment would save you more money in the long run.

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